Mrefu Farm Lodge is a lodge at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro 2 km from Marangu gate. The Lodge is built on 6 acres of land between a coffee and banana jungle.

The Lodge now owned by David was originally his father’s farm house it is built on six acres of land and planted with Coffee, Bananas and fruits of different kinds like Yams, Sweet Potatoes and free roaming wild animals like Skunks, Bush Babies, Sting-less Bees and a variety of bird species.

Mrefu Farm Lodge also has a large area of spacious level ground which is increasingly being used as a camping ground, we can accommodate many tents and have bathroom facility’s, namely a toilet, wash basin and showers.

If you have no or little experience at altitude and climbing, then we would suggest that you add a couple of days at the beginning of your climbing holiday to get acclimatised and stay with us here at “Mrefu Farm House Lodge” (1,500m altitude) located at the base of Kilimanjaro and only ten minutes from Marangu Gate, this will help to make your body acclimatise to higher altitudes before you climb and significantly improve your chances of summiting.



Because David’s father loved nature and the environment, David decided to renovate and reconfigure the house into a Lodge, keeping the balance of the farm and nature which grows Coffee also roasted locally, Passion Fruits, Bananas, Yams, Avocados, Kwemes (Oistanuts) Kili-raspberry, Guavas, Corn and Beans making it a perfect environment for a Bed and Breakfast large enough to professionally serve you, yet small enough to know you.

David’s father was a great carpenter thus you will be able to see his museum purposely built to let his grand children and great grand children see his legend. Mrefu Farm Lodge started welcoming visitors in the start of 2009 and has been a warm, inviting “Home away from Home” for travelers from across the globe ever since.

The name Mrefu (tall) was David’s father nickname, which came from the fact that he was a tall man. David’s father had 14 children and they were all raised here. Usually according to Chagga culture the last born child is the one who inherits the home and must take care of the Parents until their death. After his father’s death David inherited the farm and the house.