“Our” Commitments to “You” and Tanzania

Travel With Purpose

Travelling on a safari in developing countries like Tanzania is a great opportunity for you to contribute towards the eradication of poverty.

Elizabeth and I came up with the slogan “Travel with Purpose” as many of our guest were now not only wanting to travel, discover new things, experience new cultures but also to travel to destinations where they knew that at least some of the money generated from tourism was going towards the local community’s whether that be individuals or through government sponsored initiatives or programmes.

Here at Nature’s Gift Safaris we always try to give our clients the best experience possible, so those clients wanting to make a difference to some of our local communities and be a part of them, are more than welcome to come along and visit some of the projects that we are linked with, for example, TAMIHA Foster/Orphanage Center, Safi School Project, Plaster House and the Small-Scale Farmer Projects.

While visiting these projects, you are more than welcome to contribute towards food, books, pencils, tools, seeds, or sponsor a child’s school fees. Any general donation, whatever it may be it, will be much appreciated by those in need.



The Small Scale Farmer and Farming

Whilst initially experimenting on my own farm, I decided to purchase a plot of land in Engutoto village and set about doing a feasibility study into “Small Scale Farming” and to try and simulate a typical small holding, about one acre, this is the average size within the Kilimanjaro region that most homesteads are built upon.

After a short period of time it became obvious to me that a small scale farmer can live a much better life and even double his standard of living providing him with skills and knowledge is one of the best ways to eradicate poverty.

Having a good farming system, making good use of his plot of land will enable him to reduce environmental degradation within that plot and in turn this should ensure the farmer has all of his basic needs.

The idea is that his basic needs are well met, from this plot of land, like corn, beans, banana, peas, sweet potato, yams, vegetables and some varieties of fruits. The farmer will use different kind of pastures and shrubs to achieve this.

Firewood is the only source of energy to a small scale farmer. Having trees to block out the wind and planting legume pasture shrubs will provide the farmer with plenty of firewood, the trees could also provide timber for making furniture in the future and as a by-product this will help towards ending wind and soil erosion which is now getting to a critical point in many parts of developing countries.

My ambition is for this “Demonstration Plot” in Engutoto village to be shown to as many villagers as possible and ultimately to get this kind of “Demonstration Plot” setup in the surrounding villages so that the local small scale farmers around that village could learn the skills and knowledge to try help them to improve their standard of living and therefore helping to eradicate some of the local poverty being experienced.

We would like for a lot of private individuals or donors and even small or large organisations to pop along and help out a “Small Scale Farmer” as a way to increase food production and land conservation.

As a retired expert in Animal Husbandry and having seen the small scale farmer struggling, I feel that it is my time to start to help these farmers, to show them that with some small changes, good advice and proven methods as shown on my demonstration plot, that it is not as hard as they think.