Machame Route”

Machame Route Is the next most popular trail, and the one that many guides consider the most enjoyable though more difficult than Marangu. The success rate of this trail is higher, possibly because it is a day longer at 7 days and 6 nights which gives trekkers more time to acclimatise.

Day One – Welcome.

We will meet you upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, we will then transport you to your overnight accommodation at “Mrefu Farm Lodge” This is approximately 70kms about an hour’s drive from the airport, the lodge is located at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, here we will check in, have dinner and spend the night.

Day Two – Machame Gate to Machame Camp.

After breakfast will meet with the porters and the guides and then we will be transported to the “Machame Gate”. Here we will then start to ascend to the “Machame Camp” This will be approximately 7 to 8 hours walk. Our walk will cover a distance of 16-19 km 11 miles. The altitude will start at 1646m 5400ft and when we finish at the camp we will be at 2865m 9400ft. The habitat will be Rain Forest. Upon arrival there we will have our meal and spend the night.

Day Three – Machame Camp to Shira Camp.

From Machame camp clients ascend to Shira Camp. The zone passed through is known as heath zone this is predominantly moorland. The altitude range here will be from to 3100m 10100ft up to 3650m 12600ft. We will be walking for approximately 6 hours and that will cover a distance of 9-10 km 6miles. The habitat will feature mainly Alpine Forest and Moorland. On arrival at Shira camp we will take our meals.

Day Four – Shira Camp to Baranco.

After we have taken breakfast we will start to ascend Baranco Camp here the terrain will be alpine desert we will be passing through Lava Tower. On arrival at Baranco camp we will enjoy our meals and spend the night. Distance is 14-15kms 9 miles and will take approximately 7 hours to walk. Altitude range to 3850m 12600ft up to 4600m 15100ft. This area is characterised as semi desert and rocky terrain.

Day Five – Karanga.

We will continue to ascend from Baranco to Karanga camp site where the guides will then take us to view the southern walls of Kibo and the glacial valleys. Meals and overnight camping at Karanga station. Altitude range 3950m 12950ft up to 4160m 15000ft. The walk is 4 hours approximately and we will cover about 13.3km 8 miles, the habitat we will travel through is mainly alpine desert.

Day Six – Barafu – Stela Point- Uhuru Peak – Mweka Campsite.

This will be the end point for the porters who have been transporting our luggage. After a few hours rest, we will accompany the guides during the evening to start to conquer the summit slowly then turning back to Barafu station for the preparation of descending up to Mweka campsite for dinner and there we will spend the night. Altitude range 4560m 15000ft up to 5895m 19340ft 3100m 10200ft almost 15 – 16 walking hours and this will be distance of 30 km 19 miles. The habitat will be snow and glacier. For your achievement, you will be awarded certificates. If you reached Stella Point you will be awarded a green certificate, and if you conquer the Uhuru Peak you will earn a gold certificate.

Day Seven – Mweka Gate.

Our final descent to finish the tour will be from Mweka campsite to Mweka Gate this will take approximately 3 hours, The habitat we will walk through is forest and is about 15 km 9 miles on our arrival there the vehicles will then transfer us back to the hotel for a hot shower, meals and accommodation.

Day Eight – Depart or an optional Safari.

Here you can choose to turn back to your home place or you may wish to suggest another tour, maybe like doing a cultural tour, visiting a National parks or travel onto Zanzibar for coastal and marine tourism with accompany by natures gift safaris.