Mount Meru

carrier-574293_1920Mount Meru (4,566 meters) is a beautiful volcano and is part of Arusha National Park.

On the lower slopes you will find different types of landscapes such as grassland, thick forest and rough rocks and there are still large numbers of wild animals and a rich flora.

From the peak of the mountain you will have a spectacular view on the Momella Lakes, Mount Kilimanjaro and the beautiful distant plains. It all makes climbing Mount Meru absolutely worth doing. Its peaks and eastern foot slopes protected within the national park, Meru offers unparalleled views of its famous neighbour, while also forming a rewarding hiking destination in its own right.

Passing first through wooded savannah where Buffalos and Giraffes are frequently encountered, the ascent of Meru leads into forests aflame with red-hot pokers and dripping with Spanish moss, before reaching high open heath spiked with giant lobelias. Everlasting flowers cling to the alpine desert, as delicately hoofed Klipspringers mark the hike’s progress. Astride the craggy summit, Kilimanjaro stands unveiled, blushing in the sunrise.